The palace is located in the upper part of the town, the last anthropized area (excluding Jardinu), near Saint Barbara Square. Built in the 17th century, it belonged to the noble Menniti family, which is also no longer present in Badolato. However, in the past, like the Gallelli and Paparo families, it produced several mayors and other authoritative figures.

With its entrance on Corso Umberto I, adorned with the most beautiful granite portal in Badolato, the palace is quite large and structured in a way that suggests it may have been a convent originally. Around the middle of the last century, it was sold to the Scuteri family, prominent in Badolato, who owned it until 2001. The owners, Judge Pietro Scuteri and the heirs of his brother, Dr. Giuseppe, donated it to the Municipality of Badolato on the condition that it be used for social purposes. Today, more than twenty years after that donation, through the joint efforts of local associations led by the Municipality of Badolato, public funding has been obtained to create a dispersed museum that, in perspective, should have a regional scope. According to the project, Menniti Palace will house movable artifacts representing peasant and artisanal civilization. It wil] have exhibition rooms for artwork and spaces to accommodate artists who come to Badolato for study.

Menniti Palace will primarily serve as the centre of the museum, with responsibilities for programming and management, not only in a traditional sense but also using multimedia tools, thereby creating extensive opportunities that involve numerous museum components.