The blacksmith-farrier’s forge, perhaps the first piece of the spread-out museum, was donated to La Radice Cultural Association by Giovanni Paparo (di Pietro) through a notarial deed in 2004. It had been previously given to him by his maternal grandfather, Giovanni Saraco (1926-2008), one of the many blacksmiths in Badolato who passionately and skillfully crafted the tools needed by farmers and artisans, such as railings and gates.

The forge is located on the ground floor of a building on Via Progresso, near the Adamo fountain. Inside, you will find all the equipment of the trade, starting from the forge and the pedal-operated bellows, just as Master Gianni left it when he stopped working.

Prior to being used as a forge, the space had served as a wine press for winemaking for a long time and it is still visitable today.