In a small room on the ground floor of Piazza Annunziata, in Corso Umberto I, the Cultural Association La Radice has set up the carpenter’s workshop, one of the most widespread trades in the village, as every family depended on it. Like the other workshops that have been or will be created, it will be one of the many elements of the planned open-air museum. There are two antique workbenches to admire, donated to the Association by the heirs of two skilled artisans from Badolato, Master Gianni Verdiglione (1887-1944) and Master Peppino Spagnolo (1906- 2003), who belonged to the large group of Badolatesi (carpenters and tailors) who travelled to Naples in the 19th and 20th centuries to refine and specialise their craft.

The rooms also contain numerous woodworking tools and an antique handloom, also a generous gift from a thoughtful individual.

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