The Bell Tower, one of the symbols of this village, stands on the ridge, almost at the centre of the urban layout. It soared 26 meters into the sky, in order to overlook the entire settlement, ensuring that the sound of the bells, operated by a large clock, could be heard even in the coastal areas. It was indeed called the “Torre delle ore”. Built in 1539 – a date that can still be read on a tuff stone at the top – it was closely connected to the watchtowers and lookout towers that were numerous along the entire North and South coasts of Calabria. Their purpose was to warn the people of the imminent arrival of Turks and various predators who, for centuries, came from the sea.

It was decapitated in 1934 because it was considered a danger to a nearby hut, and a palace was immediately built in its place. A subsequent lowering occurred following the flood of October 1951, which had compromised its stability.

Those who made it to the top to read the date, turned their gaze to the East and enjoyed a breathtaking panorama that stretched across the Ionian Sea from Isola Capo Rizzuto beyond Monte Barca. They wished that up there, at the top of the old tower, a belvedere would be built to give everyone the opportunity to admire such beauty.