The large square, next to the northern wall of the large church of San Domenico, was for centuries the starting point of the long road that led the people of Badolato to the Apennines and from there to Serra San Bruno and the Tyrrhenian coast.

In the 1920s it also became the end of the power line that brought electricity from the Romito power station in the Gallipari highlands to illuminate Badolato and the neighbouring villages.

At the same time, the square became the terminus of the municipal aqueduct, designed by the famous engineer Taverna, which brought clean water from numerous mountain springs to the reservoir. The excess water from the reservoir flowed down and further down into a large basin where our women washed the family’s laundry.

The constant flow of water from the small well was used for domestic purposes and also provided a refreshing drink for those who came down tired from working in the mountains. Even the oxen from the nearby stables drank from the “buvèri”, the large basin.