The old Badolato, for its characteristics, can be considered a complete historical centre, but for the sake of description it can be divided into macro-zones, of which Corso Umberto I is the most important.

Originally called Via Maggiore, it was renamed Corso Umberto I after the death of the Savoy king. It starts from the side of the Church of San Domenico, near the water reservoir of the 1920 water supply system, and ends at the medieval gate called ‘e Jàpacu, following the ridge of the hill that slopes eastwards.

Along its one kilometre length you will find numerous palaces belonging to noble families: Menniti, Nisticò, Militerna, Aponte, Gallelli, Bressi, Paparo, Sgrò, Caporale, Guarna and others.

The most crowded part of Corso Umberto I is the central, narrowest and flattest part, between the Main Church and the open space near the Church of the Annunziata. In this section there are some buildings that house public services, such as the Town Hall and the pharmacy.

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