At the end of the descent from Cerasìa we find the Granèli fountain, which for centuries was one of the most useful fountains in Badolato, especially before the construction of the municipal aqueduct, but also afterwards, due to its position at the beginning of the path to reach a significant part of the cultivated land.

Those who had to reach the marina or other towns and who did not take the Vodà stream, but the Granèli river, would pass by it, going up towards Mingiànu and then on to Mazzafèrru. This, of course, was before the construction of the provincial road that linked the village to the railway station in the 1880s.

The fountain has been very useful over the centuries, especially for quenching the thirst of the animals (horses, cattle, goats) that left the village in the morning and returned in the evening.

A few years ago, due to the passage of time, the large fountain was in a rather poor state and was in danger of collapsing and being lost. However, a massive and costly intervention by the Cultural Association of La Radice has saved it and carried out a conservative restoration… which we hope will last for a long time.