Charles Baudelaire is the name given by the late scholar Antonio Gesualdo to his extensive book and archival co11ection, accumulated throughout a lifetime of continuous and meticulous research.

The work of the scholar from Badolato led him beyond the municipal, regional, and national boundaries in search of books and documents, initia11y focusing on Heraldry and later expanding to History, Art, Philosophy, Languages, and more.

Within the premises of his palace “Militema,” designated as the library, located at Corso Umberto I, 152 in Badolato Superiore, not only can one find the acquired books and numerous magazines but also several books authored by Gesualdo himself, particularly on medieval history, as it has been a subject of great interest to him since his university days.

Today, the Library of the Erudite Antonio Gesualdo is open to the public under the supervision of his heirs, with specific and varied hours for reading, book consultation, as well as hosting meetings and conferences.