It is located in Via Gallelli, in the upper part of the northern part of the city, near Corso Umberto I.

Before being sold to the Municipality of Badolato, it belonged to the noble Gallelli family, who owned another large palace in the town. Around 1850 they built a beautiful villa in Pietranera, halfway between the marina and the village, with medieval castle influences.

It is the only building in the town with two main entrances with magnificent granite portals. In the lower northern part it overlooks via Progresso. After its purchase at the beginning of the 1980s, the City Council restored it and turned it into a cultural centre. Today it is used for exhibitions, shows and meetings.

Currently, the Municipal Administration is planning new areas of intervention with the aim of further enhancing the property to promote the cultural and tourist development of the Borgo. They are also considering the possibility of entrusting its management to an existing association in the village that has the experience and capacity to work in such an important field.