It is the last church built in Badolato Superiore, not by the will of the residents, but by the will and funds of a certain Salvatore Aponte who, around 1840, left his hometown of Vico Equense in Campania and came to live in Badolato.

He found success here, and it is said that with the money he discovered in a recently acquired field, he had the church built on another field he purchased in the valley, on the bank of the small river known as Fiumarella della Provvidenza (Providence Stream).

The statue of the Most Holy Mary that is kept there is brought in procession every year on the day dedicated by the Catholic Church to Our Lady of the Providence. The procession takes place in the old town with the traditional honors. This is made possible through the commitment of volunteers who succeed each other over time, as the small church does not have a confraternity to care for it.

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