The small church in the historic centre, with a single nave, is believed to date back to 1654, and it is highly probable to be directly associated with the adjacent castle. Through accurate archival research, it was discovered that in the 18th century it was under the guidance of “Abbas” Stefano Saraco, leading some to refer to it as “Badolato Abbey.”

In 2011, it was revealed that the only existing canvas in the church was painted by the 17th-century artist Francesco Caivano. The restoration was gratuitously carried by the master Pino Mantella. However, despite being restored years ago, the artwork was placed back in its original location to prevent damage from the moisture on the walls caused by water seeping through the dilapidated roof.

Today, the canvas, along with other artworks from other churches closed for worship, is well- preserved, stored in a dry place, and secured against any potential wrongdoers in accordance with the instructions of the Curia.