It is a large open space in the middle of Via Adamo, between u Chjanu de’ carra and the fountain d’Addammu, serving as a resting and leisure area for young people, especially during non-school hours.

Its name is of a particular historical importance, since it is located exactly where Via degli Ebrei (Street of the Jews) ended, which started on Via Duca degli Abruzzi, near the area known as “Pezzi”.

The name of the street, which explicitly referenced the people of Israel, was changed to Via Corsica by resolution No. 10 of 1939 by Commissioner Cavalier Ippolito Virgillo of the Municipality of Badolato “in compliance with the government’s directives regarding race” (sic). It was a political act with a clear historical significance, allowing us to state that there was a Jewish settlement in Badolato.