Also known by some locals as “u Biastùni.”

Only from the elevated position of the church bells’ housing and from the (future!) Belvedere on the Bell Tower can one admire the panorama that captivates when gazing from the top of the rampart, a defensive structure protecting the people of Badolato from Turkish raids.

The medieval gate next to it is guarded by a massive defensive structure against those who came from the sea with predatory and slaving intentions.

The morphology of the terrain at the foot of the rampart (almost pointed crest with a certain nearby depression) and some clues leads us to hypothesize that between the place where the Church of the Immacolata now stands and the rampart, there was a drawbridge to enhance the defense of the village.

The open space on the Bastion, still today as much as in the past, is a place of meetings and events, especially during the summer period.