Mistakenly thought to be a medieval gate, it is easy to imagine that its height and width are impossible for a small town. Thanks to careful research, confirmed by a manuscript dating back to 1860, we know that in 1855 Badolato was hit by a flood that devastated the eastern part of the town, just as it did the southern part in 1951.

In particular, the houses on the outskirts of the town, from Giròne to the Bastion, collapsed (ruins can still be seen on the cliff). The consolidation works were carried out in the 1920s, with retaining walls that have remained intact for a hundred years.

Only the first house in the long row was left standing, apparently by chance: the one anchored to the Arco del Girone, which was built solely to secure it. The width of the arch is equal to the width of the road that was once built on the retaining walls: Via Vittorio Emanuele III, which connects to Via Regina Margherita.